Santa residents in the Sochie neighborhood have one less thing to worry about. Clean reliable drinking water which used to be an elusive dream, is now a huge reality in that part of Santa. Gone are the days when children and adults spent hours every day searching for drinking water. The new well installed by Savideca USA comes with a 24/7 automatic light to ensure that every household in Sochie will have clean reliable drinking water 24/7 and 365 days a year for life. Period.

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We at SAVIDECA USA are grateful to the children of Chief Dr. Alaric Nikut Boma, around the world, for taking the initiative very early in 2020, to fund the purchase of fabric to create masks in Santa. Dr. Boma's children even paid local seamstresses to create the masks and donate them with other Covid-19 protective supplies for the benefit of the people of Santa.

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In December 2020, SAVIDECA USA broke ground for a water well project that promises to foster an unprecedented level of cooperation between the Moslem and the Christian communities of Santa village, Cameroon. The goal is to increase the depth of the existing well located in front of the Mosque in a region popularly known as the Hausa quarters, Santa, and to build an overhead reservoir that will more adequately serve the needs of this community of over 15,000 residents. 

"I wish to express my deep gratitude to SAVIDECA USA, on behalf of the Santa Muslim community, for sponsoring this project," said Ibrahim Mohammed, leader of the Santa Muslim community. "We will keep praying for SAVIDECA USA forever and ever." The popular Santa Hausa quarters is the gateway to Santa, but the old well under renovation has long been inadequate to serve the needs of the expanding local population.

This dramatically upgraded well is the first in the history of Santa, strategically placed to equally serve everyone regardless of their religion. "We held a special sermon to ask God to replenish SAVIDECA USA 1000 times for what they have spent on this project," said Mohammed. "Our people are very happy."

"The completed well will be a dependable source of clean drinking water for all Santa residents," said Hope Boma III, Fon of Santa Village. "We cannot thank SAVIDECA USA enough for this sorely needed gift to our people." This project marks the third source of community water funded by SAVIDECA USA in 2020. It will also be equipped with an automatic light to ensure a hassle-free water collection experience, 24/7, and 365 days a year.

"The three wells funded by SAVIDECA USA in 2020 are only the beginning," said Dr. Fon Ngu, President, SAVIDECA USA. "We will not rest until all 12 Santa village neighborhoods are provided with sparkling dependable safe drinking water." 

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Santa villagers once again expressed their appreciation to the Santa Village Development & Cultural Association (SAVIDECA USA) for organizing and funding a food drive that put a smile on the faces of hundreds of Santa villagers in December 2019. "I am grateful to SAVIDECA USA,  its donors, the Santa residents who helped make this year's food drive a big success," said the Honorable Hope Boma III, Fon of Santa Village.

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The first well water project in Santa village, Cameroon, sponsored by SAVIDECA USA, erupted on its inaugural day into a sparkling freshwater burst. Santa villagers welcomed it with raucous applause. It was gratifying to see men, women,  and children with containers of all types jostling for a spot in line for water. "Thank you, SAVIDECA, thank you for this precious gift of life," shouted one villager clutching five gallons of water. "It feels good to know that our children will no longer trek for miles every day in search of water."

The SAVIDECA USA executive committee launched a fundraising campaign in February 2020. Their goal was to build three wells in Santa in 2020, with an ultimate goal of eventually constructing at least one well in each of the 12 Santa village neighborhoods. "I wish to thank SAVIDECA USA for its commitment to the well being of our people," said the Honorable Hope Boma III, Fon of Santa Village. "Thank you, SAVIDECA, for this generous gift to Santa village."

Having a dependable source of fresh, clean water has been an elusive dream in this village of about 25,000 people. Countless children and adults have been sick over the years from water-borne diseases. "We're on track to deliver the first three wells in 2020 as planned," said Dr. Fon Ngu, President of SAVIDECA USA. "SAVIDECA USA is committed to forging ahead with its plans to deliver a well in every Santa neighborhood with the support of our donors."

Living without a reliable source of clean drinking water has taken an incredible toll on this community for decades. Countless people have been sick, and some have died from drinking contaminated water. "I do not doubt that the collective health of Santa people will improve steadily moving forward," said Dr. Noella Boma, SAVIDECA USA Medical Director. "Santa children across the globe should support this noble water project wholeheartedly."


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