Dr. Fon Ngu, President

Dr-fon-ngu-bio-pic.jpgFon Ngu Sr. is the 4th child of Sylvester and Justina Ngu of Santa Village, Cameroon. He is a graduate of RCM elementary school, Santa; Sacred Heart College, Mankon; and the Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST), Bambili. After CCAST, he became the first and the youngest Press Secretary of the National Produce Marketing Board (NPMB), Lime, Cameroon, where he served for three years before leaving for the United States. He and his wife, Frida, have four children--two boys and two girls.

Dr. Ngu is an economist, and he holds a B.S. and a Master’s degree in economics with emphasis in econometrics. He also holds a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. Dr. Ngu has also received extensive training in data sciences, and he is a professional Tableau Database Administrator, and a Tableau Database Developer. He is also the first Manager of Africa and Middle East Trade in the state of Ohio’s International Trade Division (ITD) where he served under former Ohio Governor Dick Celeste for six years. After leaving state government, Dr. Ngu started a small business that employed over 30 Americans.

He is bilingual (French and English), and he has worked as an economics, finance, and business writer for the Suit Magazine, New York. He is an adjunct professor of economics and business in two American Universities. Dr. Ngu recently completed a manuscript for an upcoming novel, and two screenplays.

Ngu frequently carried bubbling palm wine and walked after his dad to events at the Santa Palace, as a child. “By age five or younger, I knew that my parents had a special place in their hearts for Santa.”
His dad who passed away at age 101 in 2011, first arrived in Santa in 1922 as a 12-year-old who stubbornly followed his elders, Achiri Tange, and Chia Boma, on their maiden visit in search of a homeland for their people. Later ‘when education came,’as his dad put it, Dr. Ngu’s dad sent his little brother, George Tange; to school, despite their mother’s vigorous objections.

Dr. Ngu’s grandma wanted her son, George, to stay home and pick embers for her pipe. She only relented after Dr. Ngu’s dad promised her that as soon as his brother learned how to write his name, he would withdraw him from school so that he could stay home and pick embers full-time, for her pipe. “But uncle Gorge was such a bright student that he went all the way to London,” said Dr. Ngu, laughing. “He never came back to do the embers thing for grandma’s pipe.”

Meanwhile Dr. Ngu’s dad, Papa Sylvester Ngu, taught himself how to read and write by reading his brother’s books. He subsequently served as Chief Chia Boma’s Secretary, confidant, and messenger for decades. Under Chief Chia Boma’s direction, Papa Sylvester Ngu wrote and delivered some of the most important mail in Santa’s history, to the Governor’s office in Bamenda. He ran mission critical errands without regard to his life, or to the bullying, taunts, and the death threats from opponents of Santa independence. “He just didn’t care,” recalls Dr. Ngu. “Dad knew that he was doing the right thing.”
Dr. Ngu also recalls how his dad also served as a self-appointed village recorder. He voluntarily recorded the names and birth dates of countless Santa children, as well as the dates and times of important events in Santa’s history. “Numerous Santa-born professionals frequently came to our house to ask my dad what date they were born,” Dr. Ngu reminisces. “My love for Santa is, therefore, a reflection of the values that my parents instilled in me at a tender age.”