Mr. Francis Ndoping, Director of Projects

Francis Ndoping was born and raised in Santa, Cameroon, where he attended the RCM elementary school. He is a graduate of both Sacred Heart College, Mankon, and the Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili.

After CCAST Bambili, he received his HND in mechanical engineering (Production Option), from Auchi Polytechnic College, Edo state, Nigeria.

Ndoping served from 1982 as the Chef Service des Batiments in the civil engineering department of CAMSUCO, Yaoundé. He then moved to Orleans, France, for an internship. On his return to CAMSUCO, he was appointed Chef de Service d’Aglommeries et Conditionnement du sucre en morceaux.

He was subsequently hired by Guinness SA brewing company, Cameroon, as a Bottling Engineer. In 1986, following a stint at the South African Breweries, he was promoted first to the position of Packaging Engineer, and in June 2000, he was again promoted to Utility Manager by Guinness.

Guinness later sent Ndoping to Copenhagen, Denmark, for packaging engineering training. He then served as a Shift Manager at Guinness from 2004; and in 2006, Ndoping became the Strategic Manager in charge of C02 collection distribution, and was again promoted to Sales Manager, Guinness, Cameroon, before leaving for the United States.

From 2007-2008 Ndoping’s insatiable quest for knowledge compelled him to attend Lincoln Technical College; Lincoln, Nebraska, where he graduated with a Universal Certification in CFC from the Institute of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC). Ndoping currently works as an Ice Cream Manufacturing Engineer at the Nestle factory in Laurel, Maryland, USA.

Despite his brilliant career as an engineer, Ndoping has always been a devoted advocate of his village, Santa. In 2010, he used his own money to fund 100%, the construction of two classrooms in his Alma Mater, RCM Elementary School, Santa.

True to form as a lifelong engineer, Ndoping made sure that these classrooms were equipped with the latest technology in toilet facilities. He also equipped the classrooms with their first computers, a projector, and the first ever Nobo Flip white board in a Cameroonian elementary school.

Meanwhile, Ndoping founded the first Anglophone meeting in Nkoby, Upper Sanaga, Cameroon back in 1984. In 1993, he became a member of the Santa Village Development Association (SAVIDA), Douala, which he subsequently transformed into today’s SAVIDECA. He also built a hall to give Santanians in Douala a meeting place of their own. In 2013, Ndoping as President of SAVIDA USA, organized and successfully held the first ever convention by Santanians in Maryland, with Chief Hope Boma III of Santa village, featured as the guest of honor. Ndoping is currently the president of SAVIDA USA.

The Honorable Chief Hope Boma of Santa, Cameroon, recently accorded the rightful title of Nyanjui of Santa village to Ndoping in recognition of his lifetime of service to Santa.