The Santa Village Development and Cultural Association (SAVIDECA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about sustainable development, and an improvement in the quality of life of the 8000 inhabitants of Santa village, Cameroon.

Located at the foot of Mt. Nifo, and home to the once world famous Santa Coffee Estate, majestic Santa lies at the frontier of Bamenda, in the English-speaking Northwest province of Cameroon when coming from French-speaking Cameroon.
Santa, which means a long hill, has a rich cultural heritage, and a scenic landscape endowed with incredibly fertile land, frolicking multi-colored birds and insects, lush green vegetation, adorable wildlife, a pre-historic cave, and a very welcoming and friendly population.

The annual Samba dance with its melodic irresistible heart-warming thought-provoking music, is a must-see cultural extravaganza held at the Santa Village Palace on January 1st, and presided over by His Royal Highness Chief Hope Boma III. It attracts Santanians from the diaspora and even foreigners from all corners of the globe. People come dressed in Musuh—a striking black and red custom that has long been the signature attire of Santanians at grand festive events as the Samba.

Founded in 1922 by Chia Boma, Santa village comprises a bustling vibrant hard-working cosmopolitan population with people from almost all parts of Cameroon and beyond. The topography of Santa is ideal for vacationing, photography, business, industry, and as a great place to raise a family.

For decades, Santa has been a major producer of coffee, and its land has since its inception continued to fuel the luxuriant growth of amazing produce such as corn, potatoes, vegetables, and fruits. Santa currently attracts raw food buyers from as far as Nigeria, Gabon, Chad, and even the Central African Republic.